Jahidur Rahman

Native English speaker with a TESOL certificate.

Native English tutor with 4+ years of experience and TESOL certified. The main task that I set for myself in my lessons is to organize a comfortable and friendly space for learning the language. In addition, I actively use game technologies and a communicative method to motivate my students more.


Speak English School of foreign languages - September 2020

Online/ Offline teacher of English Language

Teach students aged between 7 and 16 years in several Kazan state schools.

Go!English School - October 2017 - September 2020

Offline teacher of English Language

British Vietnamese International School (BVIS) - 2017 February -2017 July 

Teacher of English Language


Excellent communication skills

Critical thinking


Ability to easily get connected with people

Curriculum Development

IELTS Preparation

Ability to use initiative, demonstrate dependability, and use time constructively

Exhibit excellent level of responsibility, reliability and punctuality.

Более 15 лет в сфере
Более 80 000
90% слушателей
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