Native English speaker with a TEFL certificate.

Graduated Modern Languages student at the University of Exeter. High level of proficiency in Spanish and Russian. Strong English, Math and IT skills. Keen interest in travel, politics, the media and sport. Enthusiastic, organized and motivated, and a good team player.

Straight A student 

GCSE Results: 

Mathematics: A; History: A;  English Literature: А;  Science:  А;  Geography: A;  Religious А; English Language: A;  Additional Science: A; Further additional science: А; Spanish:А; Engineering: В;  Information Technology: B; Sociology: A

 A Level Results

Spanish: A;  History: A ;  Politics: A ;Maths (AS Level): A



Speak English School of foreign languages - from September 2021

Teach students aged between 7 and 16 years in several Kazan state schools.

Handle English speaking clubs for kids and teenagers.

Prepare students for  examinations. 

Private Work

Prepared students for  examinations - 2019- 2020 

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