Native English tutor with 2+ years of experience. Dedicated to building a learning environment that fosters an enthusiasm for and an appreciation of the English language. Possess a keen ability to integrate technology into the learning environment.

Team player, able to multitask, work under extreme conditions, computer literate, accountability, able to work with people of all ages and backgrounds, able to lead, Great time management.



Speak English School - January 2021  

 English teacher for children aged 7-15.

Private Work

2015- 2017: Prepared students for English remedial examinations.

2019-2020: Tutor of English at English Code

2020, September- December: English Teacher at British club Children’s Camp


Good interpersonal as a result of working with people from different background

Effective time management to ensure assigned work is executed as well as reports/results are submitted on time

Meticulous execution of assignments

Microsoft Office and Internet applications

Excellent communication skills

Leadership skills





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Более 80 000
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